A sensational collection of bedding, sleepwear, window panels, table linens, and decorative accessories.
Pine Cone Hill has charm with unexpected patterns, punch-drunk color, and down-to-earth elegance. Whether you’re building a beautiful boudoir or a rustic retreat, Pine Cone Hill has everything you need, in top-quality fabrics and imaginative designs.
A favorite of interior designers, Hollywood stylists, and home-decorating aficionados alike, Pine Cone Hill has garnered rave reviews nationwide and is handpicked for more than 300 magazine features and columns, newspaper articles, blog posts, online chats, and TV segments each year. Pine Cone Hill products are designed in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.


Brunelli…is synonymous with comfort and elegance.
A proud Canadian company established in Brunelli has been creating, importing and distributing bedding products for nearly 20 years.  Without a doubt a diversified range of bedding products of excellent quality at affordable prices.



Based in beautiful British Columbia, Alamode is a Canadian owned and operated company specializing in home textiles. They weres among the first companies to introduce Victorian cutwork and lace embroidery bedding ensembles to the Canadian market and has remained dedicated to innovation and has since shifted its focus to fashion bedding with emphasis on contemporary embroidery and style-forward designs.

 Their fashion bedding and accessories are distinctive with textures and vibrant colours that are always tasteful and transcend trends. They have perfected the art of layering with mixing and matching accessories to create the perfect signature bed. They are committed to ensuring that its products are manufactured from the highest quality material with outstanding workmanship.


Northern Threads’ modern bedding is designed and hand-crafted in Canada by artisans using fabric from around the world. Each piece is tailored to order.

The original Dolce Bianca collection features our coziest duvets, fluffiest pillows and cloud-like feathe rbeds in their most luxurious fabrics in the finest European and Canadian hyper-allergenic downs. This collection is exclusively made in their Montreal factory. Only Dolce Bianca can offer you the Dolce Vita sleeping experience.